National Clinical Trials Network

DFA’s Multi-centre National Clinical Trials Network is led by our Clinical Trials Manager, who’s expertise and contacts support our development of the infrastructure required to establish a National Clinical Trials Networks in DFU in conjunction with the academic members of the DFA Steering Committee to support our vision through the prevention of DFUs and amputations.

DFA is establishing a national Clinical Trials Network (CTN) to stimulate Australian multicentre DFU clinical research of national and international significance; as per similar National Clinical Trials Networks ( The major aims of the DFACTN will be to increase DFU national research collaborations, clinical research activity, patient recruitment opportunities, and the rapid translation of clinical research outcomes targeting the reduction of avoidable amputations into clinical practice.

Over the past year it has become apparent that international companies have been actively investigating Australia’s potential to provide ‘new’ patient recruitment opportunities to research the safety and effectiveness of their DFU therapies and devices. Furthermore in discussions with co-investigators it is clear that interstate DFU centres are performing similar studies unbeknownst to each other. Thus, the need to provide coordination of research infrastructure and investment into a national clinical trials network is compelling.

It is hoped that the CTN will become the ‘one-stop-shop’ for all researchers, commercial and non-commercial organisations looking to initiate multi-centre DFU research in Australia. The DFACTN will act to enhance the global reputation of existing Australian DFU clinical research centres, build the capability of new clinical research centres via the provision of training and infrastructure and importantly support Australian DFU PhD programs, grant applications and clinical research. This will provide the Australian DFU patient community with rapid access, and thus benefit, to the latest global treatments available.