Each patient with a diabetic foot ulcer deserves optimal evidence-based treatment. Australian and international guidelines are available to direct evidence-based clinical practice in Australia. DFA support for access to this information.

As part of our “DFA Guides You Through” series, we guide you through Australian and International Guidelines. We have summarized the Australian and international guidelines, and discussed the most important differences. Rather than sitting down and having to read both guidelines in full, start with our series here.

Or read the six parts in separate:

Part 1: History and development of Australian and International Guidelines
Part 2: An overview of current Australian and International Guidelines on diabetic foot disease
Part 3: Prevention of foot ulcers
Part 4: Management of diabetic foot disease
Part 5: IWGDF Guidance on PAD and infection
Part 6: Where to go from here?

Please see the following links to guide you directly to the full guideline documents:

Australia: National Evidence-Based Guideline: Prevention, Identification and Management of Foot Complications in Diabetes
International: IWGDF Guidance on the management and prevention of foot problems in diabetes 2015


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