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Showcasing published Australian research on diabetic foot disease. All entries available focus on diabetic foot disease, are peer reviewed, and one of the authors has an Australian affiliation.

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Romanos,M. T.;Raspovic,A.;Perrin,B. M. Publication: Journal of foot and ankle research Year: 2010 Volume: 3 Start Page: 31 ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: The Ankle Brachial Index is a useful clinical test for establishing blood...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors:  Rajamani,K.;Donoghoe,M.;Li,L.;Ting,R. -D;Colman,P.;Scott,R.;Laakso,M.;Keech,A. Publication: Atherosclerosis Supplements Year: 2010 Volume: 11 Issue: 2 Start Page: 219 ABSTRACT: Introduction: Peripheral neuropathy, a microvascular complication of diabetes, is a major contributor to lower limb ulcer...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Perrin,B. M.;Gardner,M. J.;Suhaimi,A.;Murphy,D. Publication: Australian Family Physician Year: 2010 Volume: 39 Issue: 3 Start Page: 117 ABSTRACT: Background: One of the most devastating complications of diabetes is Charcot osteoarthropathy. It can...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Norman,P. E.;Schoen,D. E.;Gurr,J. M.;Kolybaba,M. L. Publication: The Medical Journal of Australia Year: 2010 Volume: 192 Issue: 7 Start Page: 421

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Flegg,J. A.;Byrne,H. M.;McElwain,D. L. Publication: Bulletin of mathematical biology Year: 2010 Volume: 72 Issue: 7 Start Page: 1867 ABSTRACT: The failure of certain wounds to heal (including diabetic foot ulcers) is...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: De los Santos,R.;Ashrafi,M.;Lamont,P.;Pawape,G. Publication: European Psychiatry Year: 2010 Volume: 25 ABSTRACT: Objectives: Chronic diabetics at some point gives up their vigilance in the sugar control. Many of them end up with...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Chan,T.;Wu,J.;G Bowring, Publication: Internal Medicine Journal Year: 2010 Volume: 40 Start Page: 8 ABSTRACT: Introduction: For some decades, there have been numerous studies on outcomes of lower extremity amputation which mostly concentrated...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Bird,D.;Oldenburg,B.;Cassimatis,M.;Russell,A.;Ash,S.;Courtney,M. D.;Scuffham,P. A.;Stewart,I.;Wootton,R.;Friedman,R. H. Publication: BMC public health Year: 2010 Volume: 10 Start Page: 599 ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: An estimated 285 million people worldwide have diabetes and its prevalence is predicted to increase...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Tapp,R. J.;Oldenburg,B. F.;Zimmet,P. Z.;Shaw,J. E. Publication: Diabetes Year: 2009 Volume: 59 ABSTRACT: Results: We examined foot screening and care practices among those with previously diagnosed type 2 diabetes and assessed factors...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Rajamani,K.;Colman,P. G.;Li,L. P.;Best,J. D.;Voysey,M.;D'Emden,M. C.;Laakso,M.;Baker,J. R.;Keech,A. C.;FIELD study investigators Publication: Lancet (London, England) Year: 2009 Volume: 373 Issue: 9677 Start Page: 1780 ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Amputations in people with type 2 diabetes...

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