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Showcasing published Australian research on diabetic foot disease. All entries available focus on diabetic foot disease, are peer reviewed, and one of the authors has an Australian affiliation.

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Lazzarini,P. A.;Mackenroth,E. L.;Rego,P. M.;Boyle,F. M.;Jen,S.;Kinnear,E. M.;Perryhaines,G. M.;Kamp,M. Publication: Journal of foot and ankle research Year: 2011 Volume: 4 Issue: 1 Start Page: 16 ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Foot ulcers are a frequent reason...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Keech,A. C.;Rajamani,J. K.;Best,J. D.;Hankey,G.;Donoghoe,M. W.;Li,L.;Jenkins,A. J.;Ting,R.;Davis,T. M. E.;Phillips,P.;Barter,P. Publication: Diabetologia Year: 2011 Volume: 54 Start Page: S81 ABSTRACT: Background and aims: Peripheral neuropathy, a significant microvascular complication of diabetes, leads to...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Hayes,A. J.;Leal,J.;Kelman,C. W.;Clarke,P. M. Publication:  Diabetic medicine : a journal of the British Diabetic Association Year: 2011 Volume: 28 Issue: 4 Start Page: 428 ABSTRACT: AIMS: To develop a model for...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Causby,R. S.;Pod,M.;Jones,S. Publication: Diabetic Foot and Ankle Year: 2011 Volume: 2 ABSTRACT: Diabetes and its associated complications have become a major concern locally, nationally and internationally. One such complication is...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Bruce,M.;Maguire,K. Publication: Journal of Endovascular Therapy Year: 2011 Volume: 18 Start Page: E4 ABSTRACT: Diabetic foot ulceration is a common and often debilitating problem. Often treating the underlying pathology correctly and controlling...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Bergin,S. M.;Brand,C. A.;Colman,P. G.;Campbell,D. A. Publication: Journal of foot and ankle research Year: 2011 Volume: 4 Start Page: 17 ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Information describing variation in health outcomes for individuals with diabetes...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Chan,K. H.;Stocker,R.;Sullivan,D.;Rajamani,K.;Ng,M.;O'Connell,R.;Keech,A. Publication: Circulation Year: 2011 Volume: 124 Issue: 21 ABSTRACT: Objectives: Bilirubin is well known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and may protect against vascular disease. It has previously been...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Behan,F. C.;Kapila,S.;Rozen,W. M. Publication: ANZ Journal of Surgery Year: 2011 Volume: 81 Issue: 4 Start Page: 299

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Schoen,D.;Balchin,D.;Thompson,S. Publication: Health promotion journal of Australia : official journal of Australian Association of Health Promotion Professionals Year: 2010 Volume: 21 Issue: 1 Start Page: 64 ABSTRACT: ISSUES ADDRESSED: Despite the...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Saleem,H. A.;Newman,S. L.;Puckridge,P. J.;Spark,J. I. Publication: ANZ Journal of Surgery Year: 2010 Volume: 80 Issue: August Start Page: 574

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