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Showcasing published Australian research on diabetic foot disease. All entries available focus on diabetic foot disease, are peer reviewed, and one of the authors has an Australian affiliation.

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Posted 9 months ago

Authors: Khunkaew, S., Fernandez, R. & Sim, J. Publication: Quality of Life Research Year: 2018 Link: PURPOSE To undertake a systematic review of the literature to investigate the HRQOL...

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Posted 10 months ago

Authors:  Lynar SA,  Robinson CH, Boutlis CS, Commons RJ Publication: Internal medicine journal Year: 2018 Volume: 12 Issue: 04 Link: to article  BACKGROUND An increasing prevalence of diabetes mellitus has led to a...

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Posted 10 months ago

Authors:  Johnson NA, Barwick AL, Searle A, Spink MJ, Twigg SM, Chuter VH. Publication: Journal of Diabetes and its Complications Year: 2019 Volume: 33 Issue: 1  Pages: 33-38 Link: AIMS To describe the physical activity levels...

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Posted 10 months ago

Authors:  Kanakamani Jeyaraman1 , Thomas Berhane, Mark Hamilton, Abhilash P. Chandra, and Henrik Falhammar Publication: BMC Endocrine Disorders Year: 2019 Volume: 19 Issue: 1 Link: BACKGROUND Diabetic foot ulcers (DFU)...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors:  Yuncken J, Williams CM, Stolwyk R, Haines TP. Publication: Journal of Foot and Ankle Research Year: 2018 Volume: 11 Issue: 12 BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study is to document...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: van Netten JJ, Lazzarini PA, Armstrong DG, Bus SA, Fitridge R, Harding K, Kinnear E, Malone M, Menz HB, Perrin BM, Postema K, Prentice J, Schott KH, Wraight PR....

 Research Repository / 497 views

Posted 2 years ago

Authors: van Netten J.J., van Baal J.G., Bril A., Wissink M., Bus S.A. Publication: Clinical Biomechanics Year: 2018 Volume: 53 Start Page: 86 Background: Mechanical stress is important in causing...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Henshaw F.R., Brennan L., Macmillan F. Publication: International Wound Journal Year: 2018 Foot ulceration is a devastating and costly consequence of diabetes. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is recognised as an...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: d'Emden M., Amerena J., Deed G., Pollock C., Cooper M.E. Publication: Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice Year: 2018 Volume: 136 Start Page: 23 Cardiovascular risk reduction in individuals with...

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Posted 2 years ago

Authors: Commons RJ, Raby E, Athan E, Bhally H, Chen S, Guy S, Ingram PR, Lai K, Lemoh C, Lim LL, Manning L, Miyakis S, O'Reilly M, Roberts A, Sehu...

 Research Repository / 409 views

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