Ending avoidable Amputations within a generation

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Empowering patients, their carers and families with knowledge and pathways to healing.

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Supporting health professionals to improve clinical and quality of life outcomes for people with diabetic foot disease.

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Providing leading diabetic foot researchers with infrastructure and support to accelerate high quality clinical research in Australia.

For Industry

Linking Australian industry with multidisciplinary key opinion leaders and maintaining visibility of the growing national problem of diabetic foot disease.

On any given day in Australia


people are at-risk of developing diabetic foot disease


people are living with diabetic foot disease


people are living with a diabetes-related amputation

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conferences events

We bring together some of the globe’s most renowned researchers and clinicians in the fields of diabetes and diabetic foot disease to cover the latest research, from bench-top to bedside. From our conference to our 'What's New in DFU' events, we focus on the latest research, evidence-based practice and new technologies.

footwear guideliness

Published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, the 2018 Australian Guidelines on footwear for people with diabetes contains 10 key recommendations to guide health professionals in selecting the most appropriate footwear to meet the specific foot risk needs of an individual with diabetes.


New research on diabetic foot disease is published on an almost daily basis. Each month we release latest news and research to provide practical clinical summaries of the latest evidence on how to assess particular conditions according to the world’s leading authorities.

Strategy Header 1

The “Australian diabetes-related foot disease strategy 2018-2022” is the first step towards ending avoidable generations within a generation. This strategy was written by Diabetic Foot Australia with input from various national and state peak bodies, interdisciplinary foot disease services and individual experts from the Australian DFD community.

research repositpry

Diabetic Foot Australia has established the Australian Research Repository to showcase published Australian research on diabetic foot disease. Each entry in the repository must focus on diabetic foot disease, be peer reviewed and have one author with an Australian affiliation.

Dailyfootcare checklist

For people with diabetes, feet are often over-looked as the management of other aspects of diabetes takes higher priority. With over 50,000 Australians living with diabetic foot disease every day, Diabetic Foot Australia has developed the handy Daily Foot Checklist for people with diabetes to incorporate into their daily lives.

What's on




                          04 - 07 nOVEMBER 2020

The vision of the Wounds Australia 2020 conference is to open our minds to new concepts in the challenge to prevent and manage wounds. This conference will highlight current data and innovative solutions for the complex wound aetiologies, treatments and systems of care that many of us face every day. The theme for the 2020 conference is Connect, Collaborate, Innovate. So click below to learn more.


                       20-21 MARCH 2020

Australian Podiatry Association: QLD State Conference. Keeping pace with rapid change. Two days of learning, take-home knowledge, workshops, presentations, trades, inspiring guest speakers and more in one of Queensland's most idyllic locations. Featuring Dr Louise Schaper, Dr Tim Gabbett, Dr Peta Tehan, Dr Nick Brown - plus many more outstanding professionals to network with and learn from!


                       26-28 AUGUST 2020
ADC 2020

The Australasian Diabetes Congress (ADC) will bring together national and international experts to promote the exchange of the latest clinical practices and cutting edge research in diabetes. State-of-the-Art lectures, free communication sessions and clinical and scientific educational symposia, will all be appreciated by the 2020 attendees. This innovative program will be held the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.


                        02-03 oCTOBER 2020

In October 2020, LEAP shall return to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) for 2 days of learning, enlightenment and inspiration, as well as collegial catch-ups and new connections. Join them for a stimulating program focusing on assessment, diagnosis, medical and surgical management of people with limb-threatening foot problems.gen therapy for lower limb wounds. Click below to learn more.

Latest News

Helpful COVID-19 links for multi-disciplinary diabetes and foot health care professionals

There’s no doubt that the last few weeks have changed how we’ll all go about our daily lives in 2020. And for our Australian diabetes foot community - those living with diabetes-related foot disease and our healthcare professionals and researchers working to support them - questions and new information is ...
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Join the “diabetic foot PhD rush” in Bendigo Victoria

The Holsworth Research initiative (HRI) run from the La Trobe Rural Health School, Bendigo, Victoria has just advertised x6 potential full-time PhD scholarships commencing in 2020. One of them is a high-risk foot scholarship and the benefits include a 3.5 year scholarship with a value of $28,092 per annum. Bendigo ...
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UHEAL Research Group: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Survey

This survey developed by Co-Investigators, Professor Jonathan Golledge and Dr Malindu Fernando on behalf of the UHEAL research group at James Cook University, Townsville Australia are interested in your feedback regarding hyperbaric oxygen therapy for lower limb wounds. DETAILS: The benefit of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for chronic wounds is controversial. ...
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1.3 million funding boost for feet

The Coalition government has announced it will give a $1.3 million funding boost for the development of a 'Foot Forward' program. This program aims to help diabetics identify feet problems caused by diabetic foot disease. This promising news is a much needed step in the direction of ending avoidable amputations ...
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Australia comes 5th at the Diabetic Foot Olympics

Australia tied for equal 5th with Sweden on the final medal count of the ‘Olympics of the Diabetic Foot’ held in the Netherlands last month. What the? Well, let us rephrase that, Australia presented the equal 5th highest number of scientific presentations at the 8th International Symposium on the Diabetic ...
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The New Global Diabetic Foot Guidelines are here!

The new IWGDF global diabetic foot disease guidelines were officially launched at the International Symposium of the Diabetic Foot last week in the Netherlands. These guidelines have been the gold standard diabetic foot guidelines for over 20 years, are updated every 4 years, and this time used 10 systematic reviews ...
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Latest Research

The globe’s diabetic foot print is big and getting bigger

Ever wondered how big the global diabetic foot disease burden really is? Or how many people have diabetic foot complications? Or even if the diabetic foot print is getting bigger in a certain nation? Well wonder no more! A new Australian-led study has published the first estimates of the global, ...
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Calf stretching alone does not reduce plantar pressures

A very nice new Australian study has reported that calf muscle stretching alone in people with diabetes does not increase their ankle range of motion nor reduce their forefoot plantar pressures. This RCT - led by Dr Angela Searle and Prof Viv Chuter from the University of Newcastle – randomised ...
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Optimal blood test values for diagnosing osteomyelitis

A new study published by one of our much loved DFA 2019 International Speakers – global diabetic foot infection guru and foot cake surgeon extraordinaire, Professor Larry Lavery – has just reported the optimal blood test values for diagnosing diabetic foot osteomyelitis. The study by Prof Lavery’s group in the ...
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Is health literacy linked with diabetic foot outcomes?

Results of a systematic review on health literacy in people with diabetic foot disease has recently been presented in the prestigious Diabetic Medicine journal and at the 8th International Symposium on the Diabetic Foot held at The Hague in May this year. This large review investigated the association between health literacy ...
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What factors influence adults with diabetes to adopt smart shoe insole technology?

New Aussie Research on smart insole technology coming to DFA 2019 Our patients’ attitudes and beliefs about how effective smart insole technology will be used to prevent foot ulcers predicted their intention to use such technology. This fascinating study - led by Dr Emma Macdonald and Dr Byron Perrin from ...
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New Patient Adherence Research coming to DFA 2019

A new study has found some interesting reasons why our patient’s with diabetic foot ulcers (DFU) are adherent or non-adherent to their DFU self-care at home. The study – led by DFA 2019 Keynote Speaker A/Prof Jaap van Netten  – extensively interviewed a selection of 11 Aussie patients with DFU ...
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New Infection Research coming to DFA 2019

A new study published in the leading infectious diseases journal has suggested we need to revise the international (IDSA/IWGDF) diabetic foot infection (DFI) classification system to include osteomyelitis. The study – led by DFA 2019 Keynote Speaker Professor Larry Lavery – investigated the outcomes of 294 patients with moderate or ...
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New acronym to help guide foot ulcer treatment

A new paper has just published a simple acronym – MADADORE – to try and help busy clinicians remember what they need to do to treat diabetic foot ulcers (DFU). The acronym was designed by Australian and Dutch researchers – Drs Peter Lazzarini, Mal Fernando and Jaap van Netten - ...
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The future of offloading published?

A new publication on plantar tissue stress received wide acclaim at this year’s 8th International Diabetic Foot Symposium with many suggesting it may shape the future of diabetic foot offloading treatments. The paper was authored by several leading offloading experts from the US (Crews & Najafi), Netherlands (van Netten & ...
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New global offloading treatment pathway published

A new offloading treatment pathway has just been published with the new IWGDF offloading guidelines. And we dare say this may become your official ‘offloading cheat sheet’ for diabetic foot ulcers (DFU). The new global IWGDF offloading guideline covers 36 pages of everything known to (wo)man on offloading treatments for ...
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Got a burning DFD/COVID19 question you'd like to ask? Well...we've got some good news! You can now submit a DFD question to the IWGDF global network of DFD experts.

So check out the webpage below which has not only been updated with new information from the experts on Wound Healing Interventions - but also has 'Ask a Expert' buttons to use to submit a question for review!

#letspreventamputations #dfaguidesyouthrough #endingavoidableamputations #COVID19 Advanced Practicing Podiatrists - High Risk Foot Group Australian Podiatry Association Wounds Australia Regional Wounds Victoria Australian Diabetes Society
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D-Foot International is hosting free webinars in the 'DFoot Lockdown Academy'. With lectures from experts around the world focusing on different topics related to diabetic foot: infection, vascular disease, Charcot foot, local wound care, etc of up to 20 minutes - click on the link below to learn more & to register!


#letspreventamputations #dfaguidesyouthrough #endingavoidableamputations #COVID19 Advanced Practicing Podiatrists - High Risk Foot Group Australian Podiatry Association Wounds Australia Regional Wounds Victoria Diabetes WA Australian Diabetes Society
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We are all aware that we can help our nation(s) during this Corona-crisis by keeping our DFD patients free from hospital so there are more hospital beds for COVID patients. But, how can we provide the quality DFD care to do this with dwindling physical resources you ask?

This is the most common question we get here at DFA. But this and many more questions are not just being asked here in Australia, but in pretty much every country on earth right now!

So, we’ve teamed up with IWGDF and DFoot International to launch the IWGDF COVID and DFD webpage.

The purpose of the page is to try and give you practical answers from global DFD experts to help you do the best you can for your DFD patients during this crisis, plus, allow you to ask your questions too.

And the first answers from their global DFD experts – the same experts that wrote the IWGDF guidelines - on how we can practically provide good quality DFD care and more in these trying times are up now.

We all hope this webpage helps you act locally, so together we can help achieve our global goal of keeping as many of our patients free from hospital. Stay tuned for more on this page. iwgdfguidelines.org/covid-19/ . And also check out the DFA COVID19 page for more information & resources as well.

#letspreventamputations #dfaguidesyouthrough #endingavoidableamputations #COVID19 Advanced Practicing Podiatrists - High Risk Foot Group Australian Podiatry Association Wounds Australia Australian Diabetes Society Diabetes WA Regional Wounds Victoria
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What’s going on??? Wasn’t it yesterday we were all at NYE parties enjoying a glass or two saying how amazing 2020 was going to be?! Yet suddenly, our 2020 focus has dramatically shifted to “flattening the curve” and finding beds, beds and more beds to manage the CORONA crisis for all of us.

But, where does DFD fit in this CORONA crisis? Simply, the state-of-play seems to be:
1. Health systems need more hospital beds for CORONA patients
2. A leading cause of occupying hospital beds is DFD patients
3. Practicing evidence-based care keeps more DFD patients free from hospital beds

So, its simple right? We do our jobs, we keep our DFD patients out of hospital, more beds for CORONA! Well, sort of, but with a catch! We need to do our jobs well, in a crisis, with less physical resources! But how on earth do we do that?

The good news is we’re all focused on finding out and fast! That’s right all of us, not just a podiatrist in Perth, a vascular surgeon in Venice or an endocrinologist in Edinburgh, but the entire global DFD community is right now focusing on that question! The bad news is no one exactly knows how yet!

So, with that in mind, we at DFA are teaming up with IWGDF and others to ask the world’s best DFD experts: what they think? what they are doing? And what other global DFD answers maybe aFoot that could help bring you a step closer to addressing your local DFD service challenges in this CORONA crisis.

And yes, like everyone we are putting all this on a central website(s). And yes, like everything this virtual solution won’t be perfect, may be clunky and mightn’t answer all your questions. But, as global DFD guru Professor David G Armstrong once said “foot teams are like pizza, even when they aren’t good they are still kind of OK”. And in this time of crisis we think we’d all take a little pizza and it will be kind of OK every day of the week.

So let’s be a virtual global foot team, and help each other to do the best we can, with what we have, because there has never been a year where we can truly make a bigger global difference than 2020!

And with that, take a sneak peek at what we have aFoot on our webpage which already contains some potential answers which might help solve your local DFD challenge in this global CORONA crisis.

#letspreventamputations #dfaguidesyouthrough #endingavoidableamputations #COVID19 Advanced Practicing Podiatrists - High Risk Foot Group Australian Podiatry Association Wounds Australia Diabetes WA Australian Diabetes Society Regional Wounds Victoria
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A Call for Innovation Telehealth COVID19 and our Wounded World - Prof. David G. Armstrong ... See MoreSee Less

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How does time impact your feet?